Leaf Buying

All tobacco sales in Zimbabwe are controlled by the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Board (TIMB) to ensure an orderly exchange of tobacco between the grower and the buyer. Huruyadzo Farming has employed qualified and experienced tobacco buyers who properly adhere to the TIMB flue cured tobacco buying regulations. The buyers are responsible for inspecting the green leaf tobacco classification, defects, moisture level, temperature, packaging , non-tobacco related material and setting of prices per bale per classified grade. Our highly qualified buying team also assists our growers with technical tobacco grading knowledge,balling and presentation advice to equip our growers so that they realize the highest return per dollar invested.

We buy tobacco from our out-growers and uncontracted tobacco from other auction floors. We offer the best prices for our farmers to grow in their farming business. Huruyadzo Farming has auction floors in strategic farming areas such as Mvurwi in order to reduce the farmer's costs and add convenience to buying process. Our buying process monitors every tobacco bale from the farmer to the final processing point through a tracking system in that is inherent the buying software. This means that wherever the tobacco goes after processing, we can trace it back to the farmer who produced it.