Huruyadzo Farming is a Zimbabwean wholly indigenous company. The company has been contracting tobacco farmers and buying tobacco at the auction floors for processing and exporting since 2017. The company contracts strictly communal A1 and smallholder tobacco farmers.

The company carries out its own in-house training programmes through its qualified agronomists which are carried out in every province in which the company would have contracted farmers.
This has helped the company to grow by reaching farmers in most of the tobacco rich provinces in Zimbabwe hence advancing and protecting the interests of all sections and classes of tobacco flue-cured producers in any way that is desirable to the Association

What we do

Growing the Crop

We grow tobacco with the help of our contractes farmers in Zimbabwe

Farmer support

We support our farmers with tobacco inputs.

Marketing Strategy

We are there to ensure the ordely marketing of flue-cured tobacco.

Farmer education

We equip our farmers with the right information on how to produce the good quality of flue-cured tobacco .

Fostering the development of the flue-cured tobacco

Welcome to Huruyadzo Farming

Dedicated to assist in every facet of tobacco production

To promote and foster the development of the flue-cured tobacco industry in Zimbabwe in a representative and fully inclusive manner, for the benefit of the tobacco growers and the nation.

The organization, one of the representatives of flue-cured tobacco growers in Zimbabwe, dedicated to their assistance in every facet of production, research and sale, committed to the expansion and development of its grower base, recognized as an asset to the people and the Government of Zimbabwe..

To promote and develop the flue-cured tobacco industry in Zimbabwe and advance and protect the interests of all sections and classes of producers in any way that may seem desirable to the Association and without in any way restricting or limiting the general object..

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Areas of focus

Tobacco Production

What we do to help the farmer for the production of quality flue-cured tobacco.


Inputs Delivery

Huruyadzo ensures that the farmer receives the adequate inputs in time for the commencing of the tobacco planting season


Seedbed Monitoring

We assist farmers on the creating of seedbed that will produce quality seedlings ready for transplanting


Crop transplanting

Our agronomists are there to educate the farmer on the conditions and measures to be taken when transplanting


Crop Monitoring

The agronomists help the farmer by monitoring the growth of the plant and how to apply the right fertilisers and chemicals


Crop Curing

Quality leaf is of great importance so we help on the curing of tobacco with the help of our experienced staff


Crop Marketing

To maintain our values and objectives we are there to ensure the orderly of tobacco at our sales floors


Why Choose Us?


With the quality of staff that we have , we are committed to serve our stakeholders with quality service delivery


We are guided by moral principles and values so with us you are guaranteed honesty and fairness in running of our business.


As a fast growing company we are open to change that pleases our stakeholders and that which meets our company's vision and mission.

Result Orientated

We provide quality services to our stakeholders because we have objectives that are set and that we strongly abide by, the farmer is the number on stakeholder


With our team-spirited staff ,one is guaranteed to receive quality service because at Huruyadzo we believe in working together inorder to get best results and hence reaching our goals as a company.